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About that Baby

Before I was a mom, I was a wife. Before I was a wife, I was a child. My childhood was the one movies are made of...a tiny baby arrives in the world and placed lovingly up for adoption. This little adoptee with a bead of sweat gathering on her nose was scooped up just 8 weeks later by a husband and wife that only ever dreamed of being parents. That was the beginning of dance classes, school, family, sports, horses and life as a young child may know it. By about 12, the little babe that was once cradled so carefully by a loving mother struggled knowing she was adopted and wondered where she came from. 
In time, she met the mother who chose life, and soon after the family that supported her in that decision. For years, they developed a relationship that grew and that mother gained that daughter she had lovingly placed years ago.
That daughter still did not feel complete. She wondered. Where did she get her eyes? Did anyone else have a sulfa allergy? Why was she blind as a bat? When her …

Take it In

Kids are running from ride to ride with sticky fingers anxiously handing the Gillian's  employee their tickets as they jump into seats with sun kissed cheeks and bright smiles. I sit watching, taking it all in, breathing in the joy they feel as their sun screened bodies glisten in the sun. I listen to the laughter, the horns sounding, the bells ringing and try to take it all in.

I am taking it all in for you moms. I see you, tired, lugging bags, counting your change and dolling out tickets to open hands. I see you trying to smile as you add up the cost in your head looking for the nearest ATM. I hear you saying "just one more ride" as your little one prances about begging for more rides on the Frogs or perhaps another spin on the Carousel. You say "yes". I hear an emphatic "yay"  little hands clasped with excitement against your sweet little ones chest.

While I take it all in, I think back to what I didn't notice with my own kids. I realize I didn…