Bio Medi What?????

This past year has been a whirlwind of emotions that have gotten me to new highs and lows I never dreamed of and in doing so its allowed me to be more understanding, more aware and more open. We all know I am pretty transparent but when I say "open" I mean it in terms of making choices to learn more about alternatives in parenting and medicine.

For years I have been a borderline crunchy mama. I call it crispy or toasty. We use a lot of natural products including essential oils and natural cleaning supplies, but having a husband who is a toxicologist, I am also very aware of the necessary medicines and chemicals that all begin as natural products from our environment that can be detrimental or beneficial depending on how they are used.

As the school year came to a close I was wiped out and exhausted. I felt like our sweet Serrie was at a plateau and though she was moving forward academically, behaviorally I was at a loss. I was at such a loss that I had even told one of her in home therapists that I wasn't concerned about her intelligence however I was concerned that her behaviors would hold her back overall.

Autism is a crazy, slippery creature that is ever changing and evolving and like parenting, once you think you have a grasp on it all, you seem to have another twist or turn that you never anticipated. I was exhausted and emotionally spent but heard about a biomedical talk that was going to be given by one of the most trusted pieces of Serrie's autism puzzle and so I decided to go. I sat and listened and during the talk considered what was being shared. I realized in that moment one of my greatest issues was consistency and understanding where Seraphina's behaviors changed. Was it dietary? Was it related to demands? Was it based upon one of the things she obsessed over? TV? So I came home and talked to my skeptical husband. He read some of the information and while he agreed with some, he flat out denied other information. At this point I wondered what could I do to make small changes to potentially help Serrie. I wanted to wave my magic wand and fix all her issues but reality is, I can't.

I knew we had the 4th of July weekend coming and I knew we would be out and about at parties and gatherings. I was aware Serrie would be on sensory overload and managing all her meals in a timely fashion was going to be impossible. What I also realized was that I would have a few days to gather my own ideas and make a game plan complete with obsessive texts to the presenter and hopes that maybe small changes would help to give Seraphina (and the rest of us) a more peaceful summer.

I decided to start on July 5th. We would be done with parties and I could focus on documenting all her intake, output and behaviors. I could manage the vitamins and supplements I was giving her and document what seemed to make changes. I could also take away the dreaded TV. We began. The first day was utter hell. She cried for TV at all moments of down time. She begged for the same meal multiple times a day and she insisted on milk and yogurt. I didn't cave. I carefully documented behaviors. I ignored and disciplined typical three year old issues and I added a number of carefully planned items to her daily regimen.

Today is the 8th. We are just entering into the fourth day and this morning I was not met with screams as I prepared her breakfast. I also noted that her appetite had increased...she wanted 3 pieces of peanut butter toast. After breakfast when she usually screams for TV she went off to play Lego's in her room, alone. When I came in she didn't scream or yell at me to go away and when Jude asked to join in she replied "sure Judie". I know this is only the beginning and I don't know if the changes I made will make a difference in the long run, but I do know that sometimes moms like me have to consider thinking outside the box.

Autism is such a grey area. Its not easily understood and as I believe every child on the spectrum is so different. I also don't think that any one parents can recommend a regimen for another but we can share what works for us. Following are the simple changes I made. Maybe they will work for you. Maybe you have some ideas for me. Feel free to share for we can all learn from each other on this journey.

Seraphina's Day:
Wake Up
Essential Oils (DigestZen, OnGuard and Frank)
Diaper Change, sit on potty
Get Dressed
Breakfast (she can choose but I add Mila to her toast or oatmeal)
Drink of choice (dark chocolate almond milk or water with miralax and culturelle)
Play Time (ESY)
Therapies and ESY
Lunch (GFCF)
Therapy or Reach
Snack (GFCF~B Vitamins)
Play Time
Dinner (GFCF)
Try the Potty
Detox Bath with Epsom Salts or Magnesium Flakes (Purify Oils)
Bedtime (DigestZen, OnGuard and Frank)
Story Time (Brush Teeth Floss)

**I plan to add in a new multi vitamin as well as Bioray Shine anyone have experience with this????


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