Rocking 4th Quarter Parenting

This year has brought all kinds of change for the Nutty North's. There was that pesky diagnosis last year of autism and a host of other co-diagnosis'. We spent the summer last year preparing our then 2 year old to attend school and tried to manage the other four and keep them on track beginning school at the school they finished last summer.

It worked. Until it didn't and it seemed we had to change our plan. 

While the oldest began school where they left off, our tiny tot shuttled off to her first day of her school career. She was not yet 3. I bawled my eyes out and realized life as we knew it had changed. I had no idea how much it would change in the coming months. 

While I tried to keep up the 30 minute drive, sometimes 4 times a day, I grew weary. With therapies in and out of school as well as the kids extracurricular sports, I couldn't do it and we made a switch cautiously to public school. I was anxious and afraid. I wondered how it would go? I knew we had already built a small community to love in our sports families but would it work? What would change? What about old friends? 

As the children bravely mustered courage to step on a new bus at a new route, I prayed it would work out. It did. However, here we are months later and I am done. The change worked. The kids flourished. The school exceeded my expectations and though I miss people from our school I don't miss the school or the added stress.

However this last month always seems to bring the worst out of me. I don't want to school. I am known for pulling my kids a day or two before Christmas Break AND the end of the Year because I am just done. That need to be done has started a little earlier this year. This week I had a few fourth quarter parenting moments and it had nothing to do with the fact we have 5 kids, a child with special needs or a week and a half left of school.
1. Those carefully packed snacks and lunches were nearly a bag of gluten free crackers left in a sweet preschoolers lunch box with hopes her teacher and aide understood but I mustered up the energy to find a baggie and toss some in. 
2.Then there was the moment I thought I messed up on crazy hair day. I hadn't heard of it and it would have been hopeless if my kids had been participating because about as close as they got was the fact I didn't straighten their hair before school this week. Not once. 
3.Then knowing I was nearing the end of my rope I decided to get the kids teacher gifts done. Signed, sealed and delivered. After spending time creating and making bath soak and shopping to include everyone I sat with a table full of gifts, and no gift bags or tags. 
4.Finally,  today, after nearly all day snuggling my kiddos in bed I had my fourth 4th Quarter Parenting moment when I realized I had yet to fix the printer that I needed for my son's project about his future. Hopefully his future is brighter than his half-hearted attempt to finish out this school year.

To all you moms trying to finish out the school year with style, go for it, admit you are done and bask in the silly mistakes we all make...for I find as a community we are all doing the best we can and knowing we are not alone can only make this easier. Right????


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