Months ago, I wrote of my husbands company and its lack of understanding in regards to children with disabilities. You see, my daughter has autism. She is not alone. A number of parents have collaborated to try and get better benefits for their children but it hasn't been done.

Securing therapies for a child with a special need as well as beginning to process a diagnosis is difficult. Emotionally. Spiritually. Financially. When a parent is met with this reality, the least they could experience is ability to have their child succeed with the greatest opportunity.

The community of parents in the organization have gone to Human Resources but have been once again turned away. Tonight I asked for names and numbers and my husband, being a man of honor refused to share as they have a company policy of not sharing information about their employees. If I can find the information on the internet its mine, however here I sit wanting to provide the best for my child but unable to do so without a heavy heart and clouded conscience.

I have been blessed to find a facility that puts no price tag on my daughters therapy though as I write checks, I know that what I contribute has minimal impact on the price tag she acquires for her weekly therapies that have both facility care as well as in home care. I have been blessed to have wonderful families support her but its not fair.

I often say "we did it right". We went to school, got good jobs, had a family and still here we are unable to give our child what she needs to succeed and we are the lucky ones. We have the ability to do so much but I still worry its not enough.

I would be short sighted to think that we have it rough. We don't. We certainly have a cross that is leading us closer to God but we in no way have it as rough as others, but I wonder, why can others as well as ourselves get what is best for our children to thrive? How is it we, as American's who pride ourselves on such a great nation not give our kids what they need to find success.

So tonight, here I sit and wonder how I can give Serrie the best? I wonder how I can reach and make a difference so that other moms don't wonder if they are doing enough and how they can do more.


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