Autism Solidified Our Team

I have always been steadfast in my belief that God gives us challenges not just to make us understand ourselves but to grow ourselves in life. Prior to Simone's birth, exceptionally pregnant, God placed a cross in our path that almost broke us. Through prayer and faith we grew. Our marriage strengthened and we became renewed. There was no magic, there was no trick, it was hard work, evident on both our parts.

Fast forward there was the loss of Zoe. Again, as I wept in bed my husband labored caring for our kids just long enough for me to emotionally return and then when a few days had passed he reminded me I had to get up, I had to move forward and I had to find the good in each day.

Colin and I met when we were young. He was a carefree frat boy who loved partying and I was an emotional sorority girl. We have changed a lot but not more than we have in the last year. There have been nights we have gone to bed and my emotion consumed me as I wondered why he didn't feel the pain as I did but its come full circle and I know why.

We are a team.

We were chosen for one another.

We do not share many characteristics that are alike. I am emotional and outgoing (though I am learning to be less emotional). He is stoic and reserved (though he is undoubtedly the funnier one in our pair).

He balances a career and a family and I balance the needs of our kids.

It works.

Some days our plates are too full but it never ceases to amaze me how when one of us has a plate that topples to one side, the other is there to catch it. This weekend is a prime example. After a week of a cold and two healthy days I came down with a strange sore throat on Friday. Friday night I was down with a fever of 103 and I couldn't manage the kids. He cooked. He cleaned up (I think). I slept. Saturday he kept the kids quiet, they played, they had fun and I slept. I headed out to find that I had strep and the "reddest throat" the doc had ever seen. I was also called "hot" by the nurse who quickly corrected himself telling me not to tell my husband. I was grateful to my husband who took my tiny tot to dance, he headed to the grocery store to grab my meds and dutifully brought me medicine and water through the day. He did mass. With all 5. He did youth group game night, with all 5. He put them all to bed and then came to check on me. Today I feel a little better. Still wiped but no fever (thank God) and I am in awe of him. He continues to manage the kids with grace. He continues to get them to do what is needed and is planning to take all 5 out.

We have always broken and conquered but since the diagnosis of autism its obvious that sometimes we need to push forward as a team and this weekend was an example of that.

I am so grateful that I saw him standing at a party and let him know "I am going to marry you" because 2.5 years later I did, and here we are 17 years later still growing in strength in our marriage and in our love.

Thank you autism for helping us to grow closer together...though you challenge us at times you are a reminder of how things that are not always good allow us to find good from challenge.


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