Why I am not posting about Betsy DeVos

I have been getting a number of texts and phone calls from loving friends asking about Betsy DeVos, my feelings and how I need to make sure she's not in charge of education. Its a great thing that my friends are so concerned not just for their own children but for my children as well but right now, I just can't take something like that on.

For starters, I never expected to attend an IEP meeting nonetheless call 4 in the first half of the year. When I entered the classroom last spring to visit I could barely keep myself contained because admitting I had a child with autism and other disabilities was beyond who I was right then. Since then I have learned to accept, to announce and to support disabilities in any way I can but right now? I can't do it on a political front.

Second, I don't know enough. Honestly. I have been so wrapped up in trying to get things moving in my house from wash (due to markers on the couch) to the dishes, shopping and mothering that I really don't have the time to sit down, research it all and make an informed decision.

Third, my plate is full. I will always advocate where I feel called and right now its for my child. Its for other children like her in my community and for the children who will one day be in my community. I always say if I can make a difference in one life then perhaps that is why I was put here on earth. I don't feel my voice at this point would be heard and so I would rather use my voice locally to make changes here.

Fourth, the politics scare me. I have so many friends that are on both sides of the party lines and I love them all. I have my own feelings and I have been careful to share them. Some may be surprised where I fall but I don't want to alienate.

This new President has truly brought polarized opinions forth and while I appreciate it all, I love all my friends and respect them and so for once, I am keeping my mouth shut.

I know, most special needs families hate DeVos. I get it. I hear you. I know many right winged, charter school advocates love her. I respect both your opinions but right now, I just don't know enough to have my own.

So if I seem stupid on the topic, its because I am because right now, I am using all my strength to try and advocate here in our community and bring a change in a small way for those around me.

I truly believe ALL mentors from volunteer CCD teachers, to Little League Coaches, to professional educators all want the same thing: what is best for our kids and our future. So instead of choosing sides, I am calling all those I know to love. I am calling all those I know to keep doing what you are called to do and help the future of tomorrow be better than the life we live today.

Much love to you all.
The Messy Blessy Momma


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