Dear Special Needs Mom,

Dear Special Needs Mom,

I get it. I live it. I understand.

I understand the low point of hearing that formal diagnosis of your child. I hear your cries and feel your pain as your heart shattered with the thoughts of what you expected your child would be.

I see you. I see you standing at the playground watching like a hawk wanting to intervene when your child is shunned. I understand how "normal" you want to make your child's life so you head out into the world trying to let your little one experience all that any typical child has.

I feel you when you get mad. When you want what is best for your child, giving them all they need to be successful in life. I feel you when you know that others don't understand because they are not there when you hold your child writing in pain because they are wearing pants or because they can't tell you what they want to eat and everything you offer isn't the right thing.

I know you, when you pull yourself up by your bootstraps to get dressed to go out and you plan not to mention that special needs child but you begin to wonder how they are, what they are doing and if they are okay when they aren't in your eyesight.

I believe you when you tell me you didn't sleep even when your child was sleeping because you were worried about the kids who would turn away from your child, the parents who wouldn't allow their children to play with your child and the missed t-ball games, Girl Scout Meetings and maybe even dates or proms. I believe you that even when your little one is not even out of diapers you are thinking, wondering, worrying and mourning what you thought you would have.

Dear Special Needs Mom,

I get it when want to lash out when you hear "only special parents get special kids" and you want to say, I am not special. I didn't pick this route and I wouldn't wish it on others. I know when you say you wish it wasn't you, it isn't because you don't love your child with every fiber of your being. I understand its out of fear, concern and exhaustion.

I get it.

I am living it. I have had those feelings too.

Dear Special Needs Mom,

I am here. I am waiting. My arms are open because I have lived it, I have felt it and I know it. We are not alone. We are a village working to create a life for each of our special needs kids to not just survive in but to thrive in.

Take your time. Cry your tears. Lament what you thought you had and embrace the new journey you are traveling. I will still be here. Arms open. Waiting to give you the support and strength you need because in your journey I know I am not alone and I too find strength and the ability to move forward, to pull myself up, to fight for what is right, to acknowledge when I am asking too much and to hope for the future.

Dear Special Needs Mom,

We are in this.


The Messy Blessy Mom who is walking the path right by your side.


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