Working out the Kinks

I have been on overdrive since the kids arrived back in the local school district. I have to say overall that the school district is exceeding my expectations. Expectations are always hard with me as I have high ones. Always. For myself. For others. For all surrounding me and it can lead me to disappointment and sometimes a bit of anger too.

Leading into the new school I had a bit of anxiety. I will say that my fear revolved around Cecily and Jude most. Cecily was not 100% on board with the move due to the fact she adored her teacher and had a band of friends that I felt was untouchable. Jude, well, those who know Jude....well, just Jude. I thought HE was my education into patience, understanding and realization that other parents were working harder than I was with my first three to see results. The first day was a day filled with trepidation. I was grateful to others who texted and called the day before and the day of supporting not only the kids but me in this transition.

The first day I met with some friends to pray. Initially I didn't think it would happen but perhaps that is what set this transition onto the right path.

The kids have settled in. Cecily has found friends and her teacher noted that its as if she's never been missing. Jude is making headway as well. Academically he was a bit behind but he's plugging through, working at home and I am hopeful in just a couple more weeks he too will be in a great spot. Friday he was even chosen as Bucket Filler of the Week. It may have been to motivate him but either way he felt good and I knew that no matter if it was an extra boost or well deserved, the teacher knew exactly how to be an amazing asset in his life.

There have been a few things that have made the transition easier, I wanted to share them so others may understand the peace I have found as a mom beginning at the district mid-year.

First, the office staff is amazing. They have answered questions. They have smiled when I made mistakes. They have welcomed my kids. On day 3 I even had a call from the secretary at Port Colden asking if all was okay. That blew my mind.

Second, the teachers have been supportive. When I have asked how the kids are doing they have responded. They have been kind and welcoming. Simone had a "Welcome" sign the first day. Cecily was picked by another student to walk with her when she needed to go on errands for the teacher and as I mentioned, Jude was a "bucket filler".

Third, the communication has been amazing. I have gotten emails, Honeywell alerts and papers home in folders. I had such relief when opening folders and finding out exactly what was needed of me when it was needed.

While this was all going on, I was still trying to iron out the kinks in Serrie's classroom. Finally on Friday it seemed that all came to a head and the weak link in her team was removed. I have spent a few months trying to give this person a second, third and fourth chance but after much anxiety, misinterpretation of my expectations and inappropriate comments, statements and ineffective communication I was blessed to be given another link to our team. I can't begin to tell you the relief I felt after meeting with the Superintendent and Director of Special Services.

I have said before, I didn't choose this journey. I was drafted into the big leagues when God blessed us with Seraphina. Recently I was told special needs parents have days they want to give up but they don't, it isn't because they know the outcome but because they have hope. I too have hope that we will help Seraphina to become the individual she was created to be. She may be small but I will carry her through until she can carry herself.

I am grateful it seems the only kink in the chain was ironed out and I am looking forward to the remainder of the year at peace and at ease because parenting is hard work, having the right team to support you through only strengthens you as a parent...and I believe I found that support in this school.


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