A Year of Yoga

A while back I made a post about Yoga and my Catholic Faith. See, for years I yearned for the peace I felt with stretching my body, pushing it to grow in strength and stretch and finding an inner sense of self but feared going against my Catholic Faith. I had heard from so many that I couldn't practice because I was Catholic. Since then, I have chosen to just be who I am.

I am Catholic.

I enjoy yoga.

These do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Some of the most spiritual, faithful women I know can be found on a yoga mat any given day and I am pretty sure that I want to be just like them.

I found this YouTube woman, Adriene and quickly became enamored by her. Her practice was always a little different. Her presence was always welcome and I found a half hour or hour in front of her renewed me.

Last week I shared our autism journey with a group of local women. One woman was insistent that I take time for me. See, when you have a child with autism you are not just a parent but also a caregiver, especially at this younger age when their lack of fear and love of continuous movement calls you to be in a constant state of motion. I read her post and reread her post and wanted to say "yes, I do take time for me".

Truth is, sometimes I do.

I have tried to be faithful in exercise in the past two years but sometimes exercise extends beyond the HIT workouts and physically exhausting moves and calls us to not only stretch ourselves physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

This year as my friends began to draw up plans for their own resolutions or continued exercise journey, I decided to switch mine up a bit. You can often find me running a Beachbody Group on Facebook or focusing on the next Beachbody workout but now, I decided this year I am focusing on Yoga.

This is my "Year of Yoga". I will of course always have my videos to fall back on but I am focusing on Yoga.

For those of you still choosing what to do for you this year, may I suggest Adriene? She's got a great program now called #YOGAREVOLUTION and each day I am excited to press play. Won't you join me?


  1. I too enjoy yoga and go for yoga classes in morning. Yoga makes me feel refreshed and peaceful whole day and my alo yoga pants are really comfortable while meditating. Have recently purchased few pants and very happy with their comfort level.

  2. Yoga helps in healing power for body and soul. And your religion does not consider yoga so much. After that your concentration about Yin Yoga Ausbildung is so praiseful.


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