2017 The Year of My Family

I am a people pleaser.

I am co-dependent.

I like everyone to be happy. Everyone that is except me. I would give up on my own happiness to make everyone else happy. I would give up my children's happiness to make others happy too but this year I am choosing a new path.

Maybe I was too immature to realize it before. Maybe I wasn't ready to be the best ME or MOM I could be but coming into 2017, I am making some changes.

I am CHOOSING to do what is best for myself and my family. That means making time for me. I will work out because I want to. I will coach what I want to coach because I love kids. I will enroll my kids in what is important and say "no" to things that don't mean so much.

I learned this year that people are very good at doing what is best for them. For their family. I have learned that some care about others and their family and feelings while some just could care less. I have seen it first hand this month and I have decided that its time I stop worrying and start choosing.

This year, I will put my children first.

I know my kids. So if you choose to call me and tell me my child did something that you disagree with, don't expect me to listen and then discipline my child. Chances are that child did it in response to how they were treated. That being said if they did do something there will be discussion but I know my kids better than you. And your bullying adult ways will be disregarded.

I will speak up for my kids. As parents we need to be aware. I have sat back one too many times when my child is treated poorly and its over. I have good kids and though they watch their co-dependent, people pleasing mom get walked on, I don't want them to grow up to be like me in that way.

I will be honest with my kids. I am done trying to hide others bad behavior. Its time they understand what we believe in, what we feel is right and what we believe to be wrong. Honesty sometimes hurts but I am realizing in honesty we grow. So I will teach them through honesty and love even if its about honesty about others.

I will stand up for what is right. I don't care if its not cool, I don't care if its not what the "cool" people are doing. I left middle school long ago and I choose not to bring its baggage with me.

2017 will be a year when I choose what is best for myself, my family and my life. Its not to shut others out, to make things difficult for those around me but to focus on my family and what is important. I am excited about what 2017 will be bringing forth and excited to be who I am inside, outside.


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