Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Last week I spent hours crying and my eyes are still paying for the salty tears that dried them out. However, me being me, only allows myself so much time to wallow in self pity before I decide to go full out and get myself into a position where I feel good again.

Being denied services for your child who has a medical diagnosis is nothing short of frustrating. I feel angry and overwhelmed when I think of the responses some of the Aetna Customer Care representatives gave me and when I recall the response of the Human Resources Associate I nearly want to jump through the phone, shake her and say "no, it all won't be better in a couple years".

Accepting a diagnosis of any kind takes time to process and I have been told I processed quickly but I guess that may be my inability to be patient. Finally found a place where it actually helps instead of hindering my life.

On Monday when I finally was told there was nothing more I could do this year to better my insurance benefits or get services for my daughter, I decided why not learn how to give her therapy myself. For years, friends have said switching my major from education was a mistake and now, I see why. I was meant to teach and maybe not in the traditional way but in a way that may teach kids I never dreamed of teaching. My own.

After a quick text regarding ABA therapy to both my OT and former EI Case Manager I heard back and learned of an ABA course starting THE NEXT DAY. With my husband out of town, I quickly messaged a sitter, confirmed that I was allowed to attend and made plans to begin this course to better understand how I can teach my own child.

As I drove home listening to NPR, I realized that all of us have moments in life when we are given lemons. We can choose to squeeze them or we can squeeze them and add sugar. So this time, I decide to add the sugar and make myself some lemonade.

Here is to a new journey with opportunity...not just for Seraphina but for other kids like her and parents too!


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