Cessy Sue

For those who don't know our Cessy Sue, things come easy for her. She is sometimes known as the North's Nuttiest Sister trying to make people laugh at the most appropriate AND inappropriate times. She's also the one that likes to be catered to most (I learned never use the word lazy) and enjoys having special treats and outings head her way--and its obvious when she feels she's been wronged or not gotten enough of the attention she is craving. She's stubborn and strong willed and all around a unique creature that I enjoy raising. Every once in a while though I get to see this brilliance that resides in her heart. Its not often. She struggles saying "I love you" most and like me has a heart but will try to pretend she doesn't care.

As we set into the Advent Season, she has been busily running around the house. I wasn't really sure exactly what she was doing. Then this morning I woke up to shoe boxes under the tree. I was annoyed at first thinking THAT does NOT look very Christmasy but then after the kids left I opened them and realized that the Christmas Spirit TRULY was captured in these boxes. It wasn't what was in them but what when in to putting it in there.

Each gift was chosen specifically for the recipient. The Nom Nom's for Seraphina because she likes small things. The Leap Pad for Felicity because she wants her own electronic. The jewelry for Simone because lets face it...she's a tween and the drawing board and markers for Jude since he is just learning how to write his feelings.

As I sat next to our tree I thought about the gifts of the First Christmas and how those meager beginnings came to save the world. I am pretty certain these gifts won't save the world but I am pretty certain the love behind them will help the world as it grows.

I am grateful for Cessy and thankful she's our Fun Sized gal who keeps us on our toes and guessing every day of the year.


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