Some Say I Can't Do Yoga

A few years ago I was told I couldn't practice Yoga.

It was in my infancy of life...I was probably just nearing 30. As a fairly faithful Catholic, I was told practicing Yoga would take me away from my faith and the God I believed in.

How I have grown in seven years.

Yesterday I attended the most awesome practice of my life. I am still in my yoga infancy but I am further along than YMCA classes where I was certain that shavasana was my favorite pose and I was also fairly certain the only pose I ever wanted to do.

Yesterday though something churned within me as I watched others while they moved towards intermediate and advanced yoga moves and I tried to keep up with a little more than shavasana itself.

In the past few years I have tried a few different types of yoga. There was yoga on DVD, yoga on TV and "sound off yoga" last summer. All were great and caused me to want to practice more.

In my yoga practice while some pooh pooh my practice, I take time to think. I take time to pray. To God. WHAT you ask? Yes, I pray. To God. My God. The one who created this earth and I find myself more connected to myself, to others and to those I have lost in spirit.

Om Yoga, in Clinton, New Jersey has a practice I can't get over. Its a practice that believes EVERYONE should be able to practice yoga. Where were they while we were in graduate school with 3 kids under 4? While searching for some events for my blogging gig, I found Om. I wanted to go. However, being me, I feared going alone and so at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night I was madly texting a friend begging me to wake early on a National holiday and head a half hour away for FREE yoga. You read it right! FREE. Earlier in the week i had written to the founder. I wanted to get Serrie involved to help her body awareness and help her learn more about her position in this world. He responded, instantly and let me know he would work to create a program for children like Serrie and instantly I knew this individual was special.

Yesterday as I flubbed and flopped through the practice, he corrected. Gently. He was present, spiritually and allowed us to think. The words he spoke were not against my faith in fact they reminded me to PRACTICE my faith as I practice yoga.

Be kind.
Speak with only kind words.
Act in a way that only brings peace.
Though I paraphrase, I left after basking in the glow of the morning sun next to one of my closest friends realizing it was one of those moments in life that is life changing.

Some say I can't do Yoga...but after practicing with Gist, I only want to better my practice, grow my strength and bring my faith into my space of peace and goodness.

Thank you Gist for reaffirming my belief that yoga is for everyone...I am excited to get moving on a deeper journey in faith, in being a good person and in practicing and praying through yoga.


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