In the busy moments of life, with a handful of kids, sometimes one or two get lost in the shuffle. No matter how hard we (both their father and I) try, someone feels they aren't getting enough. Enough time. Enough stuff. Enough of us. Yesterday was one moment when I sat back, watched and cherished the joy that crossed my oldest child's face. It was her moment. Or was it?

My oldest. I could go on for hours however.....

She, like her mom is a tough nut to crack. She has a heart of gold, would do most anything for anyone but is strong willed, driven and a little anxious about what others think about her. She also has strong morals and values and opinions. She will speak her mind...sometimes to a fault. She's also beautiful, smart and talented though sometimes hides the good qualities she has within her being.

She was invited with a couple friends to a concert earlier this summer. Though I had trepidation about the event (its been years since I went to a concert), I immediately knew she had to go. The girl who invited her is pure. She is kind and she is loving. She is a child I love having around and when she is around she's not only kind to her friend but to all my kids. This quality endears any visiting child to my heart. Securely.  I couldn't let an opportunity to go with these amazing girls pass by. Not only was the birthday girl special, the other girl was just as amazing. Kind. Loving. Full of joy. These two girls truly bring my soul comfort knowing that my child is their friend.

The day arrived and though I had clothes to fold and cushions to clean (desperately), I wanted the night to be special. First I did her hair. Though she hates to have it done she usually loves the end result and this mom who has some crazy draw to hair was excited she sat long enough for me to create what I felt was a "concert look". Then it was on to nails. After the nail debacle the other day I was sure I wanted to polish them myself. Finally, make up. I suck at applying it but I tried my best and as I did this little girl transformed into a young adult.

As we waited for our ride, my tween played basketball fully dressed in make up reminding me that this big girl is still her own person and I loved that I caught her making baskets all done up and ready to go. As we drove you could hear the chatter in the back seat and it was obvious that this was going to be a great night.

When the guest of honor arrived, it was so apparent that the girls, excited and full of joy felt complete. As we headed into the venue, I was and still continue to be completely in awe of the experience these girls had. I watched as this trio spent a few hours dancing in the dark, singing along and sweating as they rocked out to the amazing music of Sabrina Carpenter. I won't lie, I didn't really know her music...or so I thought but as the music played I recognized more and more of this young woman's notes.

Sabrina Carpenter had something about her that drew me in. Instantly her spark beckoned to the parents to support her. She seemed like she actually cared not just about the music but the gift it was to have the opportunity to be in her situation in life. Playing back in her old hometown was cause for joy for her and it was apparent in her performance. Though many gathered, everyone felt as if they were special. I looked around and saw the joy on my daughters face and that of her friends was not unique. Each child seemed to be touched by this young girl who seemed joyous, wise beyond her years and wholesome.

As we drove home, I talked with another mom about sitting up front in the car. As we did I realized this "sitting up front" meant more than just a place in the car, it meant that we were moving towards a new phase of life, a phase where we parent but parent young women growing up.

I am so grateful that I had the time to watch these girls together. Its one of those monumental moments when you realize that you are entering a new phase in life. I am so thankful that I could witness these girls moving forward in life and grateful to see the way they cared about each other and loved each other.

Though I felt like taking time out for my oldest was a moment I was giving to her, in fact it was a moment she gave to me....I am so grateful to the mom who invited us. Last night, that first concert, those sweet friends, the joy I witnessed on their faces was a moment I won't soon forget.

Welcome to the reality of Tween Parenting...I hope its a great ride!


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