It Takes a Village

When we moved here and for the four years following, I was insistent that this home was temporary and we were going to be on to bigger and better. This was with some discussion about my husbands job AND the fact that I just didn't feel like I fit in.

Truth be told, I don't fit in. I finally realize, that is okay.

I have however built my village.

Sometimes life is lonely. Maybe you are not the "coolest" and perhaps you aren't the one out every weekend but what I have realized in these last couple months is, THIS is home. No matter how I shape it, twist it or turn it, THIS is HOME because of the people here.

Home is more than my house. Its more than my family. Its more than my town. Its a community of people that are pulled from all walks of life that have reminded me in one way or another in the last couple months, that I am not alone. I truly believe EACH person has been sent to our family by God.

It could be the simple text.

It could be the knowing smile.

It could be a quick call.

It could be the offer to take any child of mine.

It could be my taking you up on that offer.

It could be in the school in the emails from teachers.

It could be in the conversations that some teachers are as devastated as I feel myself.

It could be in neighbors. Who listen. Who hear me cry. Who even when we haven't been close, are there.

I have seen so many good things through this recent diagnosis, I shutter when I hear of all the negativity in the world and in the recent days of the constant blame game going on through each event that occurs.

This is life people.

I used to want to be a stay at home mom, remembering my own childhood, playing with kids racing through the doors in the house while our parents sipped coffee. I wanted to be a mom because I watched as we moved around the country and even though my mom wasn't always close with the moms we moved with, she had her village. Sure, her village changed and morphed but she had her village.

It seems so many of us moms, working, stay at home, working part time struggle to find our village but in the last few months, I have seen mine coming together. Its in the shoulder that I lean on, its in the questions others ask and I only hope I can be that village to others.

Moms, Dads, Parents...lets stop playing games. Lets be that village for each other. Let us lift each other in times of need BUT let us not forget to lift each other in each day. This world isn't easy to navigate. This world isn't fair but its so much easier to face and to understand with a village at your side.

A huge thanks to my village. ALL of you. Moms. Dads.  Family Friends. Neighbors. Acquaintances. All of you who have shown me, this is home and I have my village.


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