A Moment to Breathe

I am taking a "break" from posting on Facebook. So often I am caught up in sharing what is going on and watching what is going on, I am overwhelmed. This break, unlike others will not include my getting rid of an account or creating a new account...this break is a little different.

This break will allow me to continue to watch. I love seeing photos of friends, especially those far away. I love catching up on family, and they are ALL far away. This break will however allow me to keep moments where I shouldn't speak to myself. This break is allowing me to grow as myself instead of concerning myself what others think of me.

Since beginning my "break" I have prayed when I had thoughts that may not be so nice. This is good. This break, I have been able to take in what is going on in my surroundings and begin to understand it for me and for my family. This break has allowed me to focus on the gifts that are constantly in my life but I am constantly overlooking.

One gift of "not knowing" what tomorrow will bring for my child means that I celebrate what I see in each day. Her words. Her activities. Her moments that I breathe in and learn to accept even when they are challenging.

Another gift of not focusing on posting is being present and seeing the beauty in interactions with people. Face to face.

Today we woke early. We headed to early mass and I saw beauty in sitting in the back. As the rays of sun warmed the Narthex, my two youngest happily colored and ate Cheerios. I was able to listen and hear our priest asking us to be Jesus' co-workers. We are called to bring Jesus to others. As my morning continued, Jesus was brought to me...in others.

After mass, we headed to get the kiddos bagels. We sat by the babbling brook and I was grateful my husband had a job that afforded us this moment. Together. As a family. We headed in to downtown and went to the Farmer's Market. I had an idea to do a Class Gift for our teacher titled "A Taste of Town". I visited the many small business owners and chatted and I was blessed to be in their presence. One woman gave me a sachet of lavender because she felt called to. Another woman gave me a glass of iced tea. Just because. We visited our favorite cheese shop and he gave our kid cheese until they walked out saying "what a nice gift".

A gift. Each day is a gift and sometimes when we focus on what we shouldn't we miss the opportunity to celebrate the small things that just make life better.


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