Small Things with Great Love

Whenever I look around after my parents leave, I am overwhelmed. Part of me is lost. Set in worry hoping they make it home safely. Part of me is busy, trying to put the pieces back and get into my own groove once again and part of me just wants to sit down, collapse and hope that the secret angels will get the house clean, take care of the kids and do all the errands that need to be done.

This time though, I am pausing. I am pausing in Thanksgiving. My parents, who live 8 hours away came to visit. In their mid-sixties, they drove through major cities on major highways to be with us. To be with me. They have ALWAYS done this. They have always taken steps to make my life better.

I won't go through all they have done but what they have done hasn't always been huge-sure, my adoption was pretty big, buying my horses and paying for college also pretty big but it seems the smaller things mean more.

Its my mom leading my Girl Scout Troop even when I was embarrassed to be a Scout. It was my mom attending this past weekends Mother's Retreat and its my mom treating me to shoes, shirts and dish towels when I could have bought them myself. 

My dad doesn't miss those little things either. It was the trip to watch me play field hockey, home from a business trip, still in a suit. It was the Valentine's Day flowers with a teddy bear and it is the time he takes to buy me sushi while he's at the grocery store because he knows its my favorite.

BIG THINGS mean a lot but as I grow, I realize that maybe Mother Teresa had it right, its not the big things but the small things with great love. 

So many times in my childhood and also in my adult life, my parents have been Mother Teresa a true image of Jesus to me. So many times I have called upon them, reached out to them and been held by them when I could not move forward, alone.

Today, I want to pick up, to clean up, to get back to normal. I want order. I want the clutter to be gone. I want to write lists and check things off but today I am going to take a few moments for the small things.

I will write to an old friend. I will text a friend who is struggling and I will put my "stuff" aside to take the moments my children need from me.

This life is rushing by us all. We are so caught up in what we don't have, what we have to do, where we have to be we are forgetting who we are called to be.

Today, I am called to be a mom, a friend and perhaps a care taker. 
What are you being called to be today?


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