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Sometimes, its a Challenge

I just sat down with my newest book, "Divine Mercy for Moms" and began to think about how to blog about the chapter I just read. There was so much in it that had validity. Children eating mud for meals, children wearing diapers until they truly needed a change and my world seemed rather lavish and opulent. I wondered how I could convey their message in a bite sized blog that would call on my readers to reach out a little beyond their comfort zone and do for others. To follow those Corporal Works of Mercy and "clothe the naked, feed the hungry, visit the sick and imprisoned" and just work to make a difference, today, in this world. While I thought, I remembered the struggles in our home last night. It wasn't what to feed the kids or what clothes to wear? It was with my Middle Widdle and  her "wants" and my inability to deliver. Her wants are nothing like the NEEDS of children in third world countries. They are nothing like the children shivering tonigh…

Small Things with Great Love

Whenever I look around after my parents leave, I am overwhelmed. Part of me is lost. Set in worry hoping they make it home safely. Part of me is busy, trying to put the pieces back and get into my own groove once again and part of me just wants to sit down, collapse and hope that the secret angels will get the house clean, take care of the kids and do all the errands that need to be done.
This time though, I am pausing. I am pausing in Thanksgiving. My parents, who live 8 hours away came to visit. In their mid-sixties, they drove through major cities on major highways to be with us. To be with me. They have ALWAYS done this. They have always taken steps to make my life better.
I won't go through all they have done but what they have done hasn't always been huge-sure, my adoption was pretty big, buying my horses and paying for college also pretty big but it seems the smaller things mean more.
Its my mom leading my Girl Scout Troop even when I was embarrassed to be a Scout. It …

Admitting Weakness

This past weekend I mentioned I attended and helped work on a retreat. I didn't want to love it. I did. I had some major break through moments in my life.

Many people keep their thoughts at retreat. This year I did a talk on clutter. During the past year I have grown immensely and decided that my talk on this topic may just help other moms who may be facing the same challenges.It came about from the book "Walking With Purpose" and now, I am choosing to along on my journey more aware.

Mother’s Retreat 2016--Clarity in the Clutter of Your Home
In the book, Walking With Purpose, our author states, “our lives are filled with clutter, we have the obvious clutter of papers, toys, shoes, bags, etc. but we also have clutter in our minds when we have too many things going on and we can’t keep it all straight. We have clutter in our hearts when we are resentful, jealous angry and unforgiving”. Ahh, clutter. How often do we confuse the tangible things in our home to be what is wrong w…

In The Beginning

Tonight I read my kids the Bible. Okay, the kids bible, but it shared the story of Adam and Eve and the Creation of the world and so I thought, after a weekend away rediscovering my mothering journey, why not take a few moments to begin what I hope to be my new outlet. My place. My personal journal of my Messy Blessy Life.

For the past 4 years I have had the gift of attending a Mother's Retreat. One year, I attended this retreat swollen with my youngest in my womb. I felt her little rumbles as I listened, prayed and contemplated life. I thought THIS IS IT. THIS IS MY CALLING.

Then, she was born.

It wasn't pretty.

There were beeps, and alarms.

There were doctors and nurses.

There was medication and they took her.

First from my arms.

Then from my room.

The last delivery, it wasn't pretty.

I thought I was done.

I really did.

Until recently, when that ever present desire to create life came rearing its ugly head and I wondered if I could ever find out who I am without being pr…